Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Women in Business

Women in Business is a group on Facebook. It is an information-sharing environment that looks at the issues and challenges that women face when conducting a business venture. It is a platform from which women in business can learn from each other as well as network with each other to sustain and build a successful business.

Cottle's Professional Consulting: Information Forum is intended to extend the discussion, and to provide resources to help us to grow our business. It looks at women in business from a global perspective, therefore women regardless of geographical location and culture are encouraged to join and participate. Men are also encouraged to participate because they are often our partners in business, business support activist, and husbands. In this regard it is an open forum transcending, gender, age, race, economics/class, education, culture, and sexual orientation. See Women in Business on Facebook.

CPC Business Development Services - - A Woman-Focused Program

While Cottle's Professional Consulting business development services are designed to meet the needs of organizations, our services are also geared to individuals. Although our business portfolio is packaged to meet the needs of clients regardless of gender, we pride ourselves in developing programs specifically designed to meet the needs of women in business. As a woman entrepreneur, I identify with the challenges that women face when embarking on a business venture. Therefore, I have incorporated a woman-focused element into my company by hosting seminars and workshops targeted to the needs of women.

We also offer seminars and workshops on business development specially design for women. Our educational forums are informative, interactive and interesting. We lead you through the steps required to design and develop a business plan, and provide you with other valuable tools to build and sustain your business. Each of our session is small, so you can interact with other entrepreneurs and gain advantageous knowledge through the collaborative learning setting that is created.

Our services for women include: Business Planning, Computer Training, Integration of Computer Technology into Business, Technology Needs Assessment, Training Needs Assessment, Marketing, E-Commerce, and other strategies to build and sustain a business.

To learn more about our business development services, seminar and workshops for women go to our website.
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