Thursday, December 9, 2010

Business Tips Corner - - 4 Simple Tools To Brand Your Company

By Dr. Cheryl Cottle

Be sure to drop in every week on a Thursday to share my useful tips that would help you in your journey to successful entrepreneurship!

My business tip for this week is about branding. While large companies use branding to market and promote what they do, small business owners can do the same. How you establish yourself in the marketplace is very important to your success? A professional branding image is sure to help you attract your potential customers and eventually translating them into customers. Here are some simple tools that you can integrate into your company to ensure that you get the respect that your deserve.
  1.  Design a business card that provides information about your business. It is also recommended that you include a contact telephone number, an e-mail address and your website
  2.  Design and create stationery for your business. Your writing paper and your envelope should include your company’s logo, name, and address
  3. You should also have a dedicated telephone number for all your business contact
  4.  Make sure that if you are not available to receive your calls that you have a message that is warm and friendly inviting them to leave a message. Your objective is to retain all prospective customers.  Develop a great message: thanking them for their interest and promise to respond in a timely manner
  5. Get an e-mail address that is professional. Get one that reflects your business

These are some very cost effective ways that you can begin integrating into your branding strategy to ensure that you develop the level of professionalism and confidence so needed in today’s marketplace for any business.

Dr. Cheryl Cottle is the Chief Consultant of Cottle's Professional Consulting. Cottle's Professional Consulting provides service in education, organizational development, professional development, and business development. Dr. Cottle is also a coach and mentor in areas of professional and business development. Interested in a service, please contact her at:

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Errand services los angeles said...

These are indeed one heck of a list. Surely could top the year. Thanks for sharing! These are really good.

Dr. Cheryl V. Cottle said...

Thanks for dropping by and reading my post. I appreciate your feedback! Its very encouraging! Continued success in your business!

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