Sunday, October 12, 2008

Women in Business - - Referral: It’s Impact on Business

A referral is an effective marketing tool for increasing a business’s clientele, and when supported by the media, it can have a powerful impact on the company’s production, profit and visibility. You can follow the effect of Michelle Obama’s endorsement of the dress she wore on “The View” and the escalating effect of her endorsement. When Michelle Obama was asked on “The View” where she got her dress, she shared the information and viewers went on a search for it. Michelle Obama’s endorsement catapulted customers’ need for the dress thus torpedoing the designer’s visibility, production, and income. Although Donna Ricco was a successful designer, over night, Michelle Obama’s endorsement made her one of America’s sort after designer, as women search for the “Tank Leaf Print Dress”.

Women in business over all need referrals to increase their clientele and grow their business. Referrals help to increase sales, maximize one’s visibility, and validate the business woman. It is an essential ingredient that is needed to make a business successful.

See for more information on how Michelle Obama’s referral influenced the designer’s business:

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

About Me

My name is Dr. Cheryl Cottle, and I am the designer of this blog; Cottle's Professional Consulting. Through this forum, I will be blogging about issues that bridge my consulting business website and Facebook where I created a group "Women in Business". I will be highlighting what we do at CPC as well as bring issues that impact women in business.
I hope that you will find our services at Cottle's Professional Consulting (CPC) of interest to you.

Dr. Cheryl Cottle
Chief Consultant of Cottle's Professional Consulting

CPC: Organization Development

Cottle's Professional Consulting services in organization development, is a comprehensive service designed to assist organizations; including government agencies, community-based organizations, and corporations to meet their objectives. We offer services that will help you to effectively manage your organization's portfolio.

If you are thinking of introducing computer technology into your organization, our expertise in the adoption, diffusion, and infusion of computer technology can be of great assistance to you. We also offer our services to organizations that are restructuring their computer technology system to better facilitate their operations.

Cottle's Professional Consulting also offers organizations comprehensive training in a number of areas, including; leadership skills development, strategic planning, decision making, managing diversity in the workplace, culture of the organization, train-the-trainer, and project design, to list a few. Training can be customized to meet the needs of your organization. Our training programs in computer technology will also enhance your staffs' skills and proficiency in various software and other office management tools.

The strategies that we utilize are supported by our many years of experience and the research conducted by Dr. Cottle in the field of Information Technology and Computer Technology Adoption. Dr. Cottle's research and expertise includes working with organizations within various business sectors and industries; and encompasses organizations in North America and the Caribbean.
To learn more about how we can be of assistance to you and your organization please write to us at or visit us at:

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cottle's Professional Consulting - - Education Services

Cottle's Professional Consulting educational service is a comprehensive program designed to assist all types of educational institutions meet their educational development needs. We offer training in curriculum development, program design and development, designing lesson plans, instructional technology, curriculum evaluation, research, and other educational programs.
Schools in both the private and public sectors can access and benefit from our expertise and professionalism.

Teacher Training and Development:
School administrators seeking teacher-training and development can access our services in curriculum, teaching and learning and integrating computers in the curriculum.

To learn more about how we can customize a training program to meet your specific training needs please go to:

For more information on how our service can be of benefit to you, write to us at

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cottle's Professional Consulting

Cottle's Professional Consulting provides a wide range of services for the successful development of individuals, organizations and businesses. Our expertise in the field of education, business development, organization development, human resource development, research, computer training, the implementation of information technology, and research, is utilized to aid our clients in the realization of their potential. Our expert and professional services have been carefully designed and is strategically implemented by Dr. Cheryl Cottle and her team of experienced professionals. Cottle’s Professional Consulting services are guaranteed to provide you with the tools for your success.

For more information on our services write us at
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