About Dr. Cottle

I am Dr. Cheryl Cottle, the Founder and Chief Consultant of Cottle's Professsional Consulting. In addition, I am also the designer of two women online forums; Women in Business on Facebook. It is a great space for both women and men who are involved in any type of entrepreneurial venture. It is a very supportive environment and it provides opportunities for networking, marketing, and advertising your products or services. Education is also an integral part of its design and goals.

I also manage another group - - a woman's only forum CPC Women in Business. It is an extension of WIB on Facebook. The group is based upon an approved membership and focuses on meeting the needs of women entrepreneurs globally. Our business objective is to provide opportunities for: Networking, Education, Empowerment, and Development in a Supportive Environment - - It is a holistic approach to successful entrepreneurship.

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To join us go to: http://cpcwib.ning.com
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