Friday, October 22, 2010

Do you need a website? How to best leverage technology to benefit in the marketplace?

By Dr. Cheryl Cottle
As an entrepreneur, both male or female, gone are the days when you only needed a hand shake to do business. In today’s global economies with the advent of computer technology and the internet, you must change, or you will be forever left behind; and this is not a cliché: It is a fact. Businesses regardless of size must get onto the bandwagon of technology. You no longer need a mobile phone and a fax machine; you also need a website, e-mail, access to the internet over all, and high speed internet connection. Technology is here and it is here to stay. With the advent of computer based technology business has become more competitive, but it has also provided people with greater opportunity to leverage what they can do ― their services and products. If you are also into selling your product and you will like to take your product and services to a wider market, then you will have to think about integrating e-commerce into your business strategy. This allows your customers, regardless of their geographical location, time, and currency exchange, to access your product and make a purchase.

What technology and the internet have done for the entrepreneur: 

  • It has opened up connection and removed the barriers between individuals in different countries and continents who want to trade with each other.
  • You can easily conduct a detailed search of a company so that you know with whom you are doing business.
  • If you are looking for that special product or services, a search of the internet can put you in direct contact with the best in the market.
  • The internet and computer based technologies enables you to do business twenty four hours a day from where ever you are in the world and with whom you want to.
  • It also enables you to make contact with people with whom you might never have met.
  • The internet also puts you in direct contact with your supplier, or buyer thus reducing cost and time as in traditional business transaction.
  • Essentially the internet removes national boundaries thus opening a global gate way to commerce.

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Dr. Cheryl Cottle is the Chief Consultant of Cottle's Professional Consulting. Cottle's Professional Consulting has a multidisciplinary portfolio including education, organizational development, professional development, and business development. Dr. Cottle is also a coach and mentor in areas of professional and business development. Interested in a service, please contact her at:

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