Thursday, November 25, 2010

Business Tips Corner - - How to Make Your Home Office Child-Friendly

Business Tips Corner!
By: Dr. Cheryl Cottle

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This week's tips are about how to make your home-based office child-friendly! 

With my own grand-son at the stage where he wants to get into everything, my daughter was realizing how important it is to go-child-friendly when you work from home to secure your child’s safety. These are some of the things that we felt are needed in the office.

  • Ensure that your file and computer information is safe. Your toddler is at the stage where he or she is curious about everything. He or she can accidently touch your keyboard and make your files disappear. This would take some time to fix and may also cost you if you are unable to fix the problem yourself.
  • Keep all your office supplies securely stored away from the reach of your child or children. Your toddler is at the stage where they put everything in their mouth.
  • Make sure that all cupboards or storage systems are sturdy to prevent them from falling. Make sure that your cupboards doors are closed at all times.
  • Last but not least, make sure all electrical outlets are secured. Stoppers can be used to plug electrical outlets, also make sure that computer and printer cords are secured and not left hanging.
  • If possible you can have your child outside your work space, it would certainly prevent any mishaps.

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