Friday, December 17, 2010

An Overview of the Article: 5 Advanced Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses


As a small business owner, you are often faced with the question of should I integrate a social media marketing strategy into my business plan? Well the answer is yes. Wait no longer. This article provides some useful tips on how you can introduce a cost effective marketing strategy that will not only enable you to build your community of customers, but also increase your sales.

The author recommends that as a beginner to social media marketing, companies’ particularly smaller ones should adopt these practices.

  • Introduce multimedia, both videos and photographs to represent your products, social events, and instructional videos. A picture tells a great deal and your customers stand a greater chance to know you better.
  • Integrate your offline and your on-line advertising. It helps your conversion process and builds your community of potential customers.
  • Adapt your message for each site you have. Don’t repeat the same message across the board. Customization of messages is critical to catching customers’ attention and retaining interest.
  • Make sure that you are searchable and visible to your customers. Include your sites in local business directory and also add you online presence to “Google map”.
  • Introduce contest and provide discount to meet your customers’ needs and interest. 
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Dr. Cheryl Cottle is an Educator, Instructional Technologist and System Analyst. She is the founder and Chief Consultant of  Cottle's Professional Consulting that specializes in the areas of education, organizational development, professioanl developmen and small business development.  She also manages CPC Women in Business; and online forum for women entrepreneurs globally.

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