Thursday, February 17, 2011

Business Tips Corner: E-mailing!

E-mail marketing is one of the oldest marketing online strategies used by companies for reaching and educating their clients about their products and or services. Both large corporations and small business owners have been using it since the emergence of online communication, with great success. In spite of its popularity, e-mail marketing is often met with opposition from the online population. Some people perceive it as unwanted solicitation or spamming and definitely do not want to be a part of what you are selling. One concern for recipients is, how did I get on their list? Another is, how do I get off their list? It is prudent and ethical to ensure that the people on your list want to receive your information and are indeed a part of your target audience.

I receive countless e-mail marketing materials in my inbox on a daily basis on products that I don't have any interest in. I certainly did not give permission to be a part of their lists. Yet, everyday I am bombarded with unwanted e-mails and it seems as if there isn't any way out, since many of them do not give you the option to opt-out from receiving them. There isn't an exit clause. It feels as if I am a part of an e-mail hijack. In order to manage the unwelcome e-mails, I make good use of the delete option in my e-mail system.

Here are some things to think about when using e-mail to reach your clients:

  1. Make sure that everyone on your e-mail list agrees to be on it - - and are a part of your target audience
  2. Give recipients on your e-mail list the opportunity to opt-out of your list
  3. Make sure that you accurately identify your target population or niche
  4. Make sure that the information that you provide is in keeping with their needs
  5. Avoid spamming. While you may have the time and resources to e-mail on a regular basis, don't annoy your target population 
  6. Don't give them the option to press delete. The objective is for them to open and read your offer and to respond favourably.  Remember your goals are to keep you clients and to get new ones

Created by Dr. Cheryl Cottle
Chief Executive Officer of Cottle's Professional Consulting
Administrator of CPC Women in Business

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