Saturday, June 25, 2011

Article Review: 100 Ways to Use Social Media in the Classroom

Social media is no longer seen as a forum for making connection with friends, planning events, birthday parties, weddings, and anniversaries. Nor is it perceived as a place for organizations and businesses to brand and promote their products or services. It is also seen for its role as a social agent in how teaching and learning is conducted. Social media classroom has also emerged since its introduction and revolutionized how we teach and learn. Social media not only facilitates collaborative learning, but also global and intercultural understanding. Social media has a great impact upon how we communicate and therefore how we learn.

According to the article:

Social media may have started out as a fun way to connect with friends, but it has evolved to become a powerful tool for education and business. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter and tools such as Skype are connecting students to learning opportunities in new and exciting ways. Whether you teach an elementary class, a traditional college class, or at an online university, you will find inspirational ways to incorporate social media in your classroom with this list.
The article provides examples of projects and activities as well as strategies and techniques to effectively integrate social media into the curriculum.

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