Thursday, July 8, 2010

Finding Balance in Life

Finding Balance in Life
Author: Edward Aldama
By Dr. Cheryl Cottle
In this article the author suggests that for most people, finding balance in life enables one to have happier relationships and a higher self concept. He states that, as human beings we are blessed with the capacity to appreciate a wide variety of experiences. He also goes on to explain with balance in your life you are better able to explore the world, learn new things, be creative, develop special relationships, and even contribute to changing the world into a better place. Finding balance gives you bountiful options, yet so many people are not able to achieve it. It seems to be a fleeting goal.

The author therefore suggests that to achieve balance we can examine our lives from seven perspectives; special relationships, social interactions, leisure activities, health and fitness, career, finances, and spiritual development. The author suggest that you look at each aspect of your life and identify the things that you are doing within each sphere that brings you happiness and also identify the things that you should be doing. This exercise should be done for each aspect of your life.

After completing this exercise, he recommends that you should review your lists and think about it in terms of your level of satisfaction: (1) are there areas you may be neglecting, or spending too much time in? (2) are there some activities you would like to add to your life, or stop doing?

He also suggests that after completing this exercise you will have a new perspective on how to channel your energy on achieving the things that will bring you satisfaction in your life. He further suggests that you work on one change at a time, gradually working on the others until you find maximum balance in your life.

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