Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blogging as a branding marketing technique

By: Dr. Cheryl Cottle
Branding today is not only a marketing strategy conducted by large corporations but other types of organizations are also using branding as a technique to promote their goals and mandates. Politics, education, training and development, health and fitness, family planning, community-based organizations, and causes are also using branding to promote what they do. Home-based businesses, woman-owned, as well as small and medium size businesses are also using branding to market their products or services to reach a wider target audience; extending from being a local market to a global market.

One strategy that they are using in common is “blogging”. When thinking about implementing “blogging” as a new marketing strategy, organizations and businesses alike should think about the analysis, design, development and implementation phases of their design plan to integrate “blogging” into their marketing strategy. It is also important to consider evaluating the effectiveness of the branding strategy in terms of; is it meeting your marketing goals: does it translates into increased clientele and increased production.

Attached is an interesting article that provides ways to think about when you plan to incorporate blogging into your marketing plan.

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