Monday, January 17, 2011

Business Tips Corner - - Blogging a strategy for small businesses!

One way to brand your company is through blogging. While many companies both large and small are using blogging as a way of marketing their products or services; a great many are still yet to do so. Many companies are still considering whether they need to make a change to recruit an employee specifically responsible for blogging or whether they should put out the cost necessary. In today’s economy where viral marketing is leading traditional marketing strategies, blogging has become a must. Businesses should decide to integrate blogging into their business strategy. The benefit to your business can be invaluable and have a great impact on your brand, client-base and profitability.
While there are many benefits, here are just some reasons that I hope will motivate you to introduce blogging to your business:
  1. Brand your company and reach your target audience: A business blog helps you to brand your company and your expertise. You can get an opportunity to reach your target audience. It enables you to widen your client reach and allows you to reach your target audience at an affordable price.
  2. Increase traffic to your website: The best way to introduce a blog into your business marketing strategy, is by integrating it into your website. The underlying objective of having a blog is to drive traffic to your website and encourage potential clients to see what you do and to learn about your services.
  3. Establish yourself as an expert: Use your blog to establish yourself as an expert. Make sure that the information you provide is current. By posting relevant and useful information, people will come to know you as the person who they can rely upon for useful information.
  4. Develop a great following: A blog is designed so you can have a very large following. Some blogs have thousands of followers — thus the potential of a blog is great. It can put your business and you in front of a large audience of similar interest. You can also learn a great deal from the feedback you receive via “COMMENTS.”  This feedback helps you to form valuable relationships.

I hope that this advice will help you to make your decision regarding starting a blog. Cottle’s Professional Consulting can help you to design a blog that will reflect your business and put your services and products before a larger audience. Contact us at:

Author: Dr. Cheryl Cottle is an educator, instructional technologist, system analyst and business consultant. She is the founder and Chief Consultant of Cottle's Professional Consulting; a firm that specializes in the areas of education, organizational development, professional development and small business development. Dr. Cottle also manages CPC Women in Business; an online forum for women entrepreneurs globally.

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